If your flat feet are causing you pain, your podiatrist may have a solution

Many people think that over-pronation, better known as flat feet, has only to do with athletes and sports injuries. However, this condition can affect individuals of all ages regardless of activity level. In fact, about 2 out of 10 children do not develop an arch and continue to have flat feet throughout their lives.


Over-pronation refers to a flattening of the arch, which causes the foot to roll inwards. It occurs when weight is transferred from the heel to the forefoot when walking or running. This can be a completely painless condition, but for some people it can become a problem if the foot is stiff and/or painful. Flat feet can contribute to additional complications later on in life, like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and shin splints.

The image above shows how the shape of your arch affects the alignment of your feet which, in turn, affects the entire body. Notice how the flat foot causes the ankles to roll inward while the high arch causes the ankles to roll outward.


To better understand your foot's alignment you can easily test yourself to see if you might have flat feet. Follow these three steps:


1. Get your feet wet

2. Stand on a flat surface where your footprint will show, such as concrete

3. Step away and look at the prints. If you see complete imprints of the bottom of your feet on the surface, then you're likely to have flat feet


In addition,  a structural foot exam will determine the ranges of motion in your body which includes the pelvis, hip, knee, ankle, and feet. It also examines other elements of motion within your body such as force production, stability, and balance.


Runners can experience a lot of problems if they have an over-pronation problem. The following list includes common injuries that can occur in people with flat feet.

  • Shin Splints

  • Anterior compartment syndrome

  • Patello-femoral pain syndrome

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

  • Achilles tendinitis


Correcting Flat Feet

When correcting flat feet, most podiatrists will do a gait analysis which measures your walking patterns. If over-pronation is a problem for you, there are shoes that provide added support for this kind of condition. Orthotics can also be a good alternative if you are not interested in buying a new pair of shoes.


Another way to correct flat feet would be a procedure called HyProCure. This is an evidence-based, innovative solution that has provided lasting results for thousands of people with misaligned feet. This procedure can dramatically reduce, or even eliminate your symptoms and improve your quality of life.


Please watch this video to hear from patients who have undergone the HyProCure procedure and found relief because of it.


If you are interested in the HyProCure procedure, call 612-788-8778 and set up an appointment with our very own HyProCure specialist, Dale Vancil, DPM.



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If your flat feet are causing you pain, your podiatrist may have a solution

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