Don’t Let Bunions Cramp Your Style

November 12, 2019


Can shoe choices cause bunions?


Those gorgeous 3-inch heels that make you feel taller, thinner, and unstoppable could also be ruining your feet.  We have heard the old saying that beauty is pain and when it comes to stylish shoes, this certainly seems to be true.  Many of us have worn shoes that leave our poor feet swollen, throbbing, and blistered by the end of an evening with them.


Those high heels are causing more than blisters:


With all that pressure pounding on the forefoot, your heels could be creating more than just blisters. Common foot issues like the ones below are often caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. When shoes put pressure on our feet in unnatural positions it causes great stress on the feet, joints, muscles, and even bones.

  • Bunions (most common)

  • Hammer toes

  • Ingrown toenails

  • Morton’s Neuroma (painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, typically between the third and fourth toes.)

  • In extreme cases you can even get stress fractures                               

Did you know that 23 percent of adults ages 18-65 have Bunions?


A bunion is a boney bump that develops slowly over time on the inside of the foot at the big toe joint and they are very painful. It is more common for women to have bunions and that is mostly due to their shoe choices. 


How can you relieve Bunion pain?

  • Wear shoes with a wider toe box area

  • Use bunion-shield padding

  • Custom shoe inserts/orthotics

  • Try toe spacers

  • Ice several times a day

  • Anti-inflammatory medicine may help

  • Bunion surgery (if nonsurgical treatment methods have been exhausted and you still do not have relief, surgery might be the best option.)


If you have been struggling with foot pain or bunions without relief, we are happy to answer any questions about possible treatment and surgical options.



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